Thursday, May 19, 2011


at first, i wouLd say that i can take it *it's not i can't take it now* when time fLyby, the J word grew even stronger...omaigod !! i've made promises to myseLf, i won't be jeaLous *not with the smaLL2 thing* but sometimes something came to me...


i don't wanna doubt him...but i can't heLp's Like he's pubLic's property that i have to share with others...or some kind of ceLebrity that i can onLy Look from far, i don't doubt him but the D word keep on haunting yet making something fade...


basic ruLe of reLationship...with aLL my heart, i trust him !! seriousLy...but i don't trust those girLs out there...yeah i know, i shouLdn't be insecure but he's so perfect Like everybody out there wanna have him...and, i'm sitting here and bare with it *shouLd i ??*

at this moment, i don't know where i stand, who am i and wrapping up : i'm LOST

i'm so scared to Let him know but i'm more terrified of Loosing him...weLL, he can aLways do what he want coz i'LL never object *of coz* he don't have to change anything, i do !! i have to vanish out aLL those bad feeLings and keep it reaL babe !! *i hope he's not reading this crap coz i'm keeping my cooLest view of girL that he ever knew* i'LL be ok after i bLurt everything out here...

thanx for accompanying me and read aLL these crap =) kindLy appreciate !!


Ara said...

chillax my lovely mommy, truth to be told jealousy will always be apart of us, as a woman and a human being as well. but just dont let emotions control us. if he said he loves you, then he is. when he says he stays, then he will. dont bother about people out there because i'm sure the way he looks at you is different from the way he looked at them and that is why he chose you in the first place ;)

ambik nokkkk doctor love wannabe :P

CiK GorGeouS ! said...

ara : waaaarrrgggghhh !! white fLag !! my ara had grown up Lah !! thanx babe for those words...semangat kembaLi...hahah~

Love u sayang =)