Monday, January 17, 2011

pra-dipLoma kasi gegar !

haLLo2...what's up ?? owh !! pretty tiring day !! serius, tapi tetap seronok...weLL, as i toLd before in the previous entry, i'm going get more and more busy from 16 january untiL the end of, the day had came to us...where the 'pra-dipLoma' students came and join us in UTHM in order to be a better man after they graduated from here in 4 months time...pergh !! tanggungjawab sangat besar weh !!

from earLy in the morning, 40 of the mentors woke up on sunday *where most of the cLiques were stiLL on the fLuffy bed* and assembLe in the DTII haLL to give a warm weLcome to our new brothers and sisters...everything went smoothLy from the beginning 'tiLL the end *aLhamduLLah, syukur* agak ringan sedikit keja2 pada hari nie sebab pengambiLan dan pendaftaran jugak tak berapa ramai...seteLah di kira dan di toLak tambah semua, ade 93 orang student yang mendaftar... *ramai tuh*

seLesai takLimat semua, as the ketua fasiLitator...i'm in charge of 'pLaying' around with the chiLdren !! ngiahahhaa~ when i said 'pLaying' its reaLLy mean pLaying..or fooLing around...breaking the ice from each to another individuaL...weLL, i'm having a good time today and there wiLL be other programme together in the future !! team mentor memang terbaik !! Love ya~
a few of the mentors~
this is ummi, my new mentee =) *cute macam saye !!*

this is farah, my mantee jugak... *happening dan pening macam saye jugee* =)
sangat Letih, so...wiLL update Later !! =)
sibuk pon, tetap rindu... (^o^)v

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