Friday, January 28, 2011

famous ?? famous amous !! *giggLes*

what so speciaL of being famous ?? hurm...attentions maybe ?? it's ok if u want to be the gLittery and outshine person but whatever it takes, u have to be prepare...i don't know much, as i'm aLso a sociaL rejected person *giggLes* so, just Let's hit the keyboard and start sharing !!
5 steps to be famous !
  1. be unique !! *not freak* maybe korang boLeh try to be youseLf and carry on with things that are different from others...tak kisah La kaLau semua umat manusia suka dengar modern contemporary music tapi korang suka dengar dangdut...(^o^)
  2. Luaskan pergauLan *jaga batas2 jugak* we have to meet new peopLe Least 5 peopLe a day...hahah~ macam ramai kan...biLe kite mix around with new peopLe, kita akan buat ramai kawan baru...di samping Luaskan pengaruh, kita ade more choice of friends (~_^)
  3. don't be scared *of siLLy things* kaLau ade new job or new responsibiLities, grab the chance...u have to gambLe on seeing how far can u achieve what u have pLan...success in your fieLd can bring up your name at any time *trust me, i've done it*
  4. open minded *giggLes* weLL, when u mix around with Loadz of characters, u have to be more fLexibLe on how u taLk, scope, topics and aLso body Language...don't judge in the first meeting and try to act cooL enough as peopLe are more cLingy to one who are easy to approach...
  5. Last but not Least, be nice *not stupid, but nice* tak semestinya orang yang mean sahaja yang boLeh jadi popuLar...yang baik2 and angeLic bagai tuh Lagi mudah naik...i mean, u don't have to pretend that u are 'good' but at Least didik diri jadi baik..if peopLe needs heLp, offer them's not so hard right ?? what u give, u'LL get back (^o^)v

5 sacrifices to be famous !

  1. privacy *definiteLy* biLa dah jadi famous, ramai orang kenaL...u have to be prepared that maybe every singLe peopLe u met might want to know everything about u...incLuding and especiaLLy the darkest secret of yours *prepare !*
  2. so-caLL-perfect-person *hahahhaa~* as they said that being popuLar is aLways a pubLic figure...tak kisah Lah korang artis popuLar ke, coLLege star yang vogue ke or even bLogger yang popuLar kee, u can't run from this titLe...orang2 popuLar nie ibarat orang2 yang tak boLeh buat saLah, are u prepared ??? better do *winking*
  3. reaL friends *hurmm* i kind of Like this one very much...sometimes when u are on the top, peopLe tend to onLy take advantages on u...they want your fame, even your bestest, cLosest friend...but not aLL of them of's just, u have to be carefuLL to choose your cLicks...
  4. time *oh !* if u are the one who aLways have a very quiet and peacefuLL week ends-days, prepare to be on scheduLe everyday, 24/7 of your Life...your time wiLL be for the pubLic's aLso...
  5. masa giLa *what ?* say bye2 to those moments u have with your friends or beLoved ones..biLe dah famous, mane nak boLeh jaLan2 daLam kampus buat2 bising and giLa2 main peLok2 tengah khaLayak ramai...tak pasaL2 kang oarang kata korang ade hubungan terLarang kan...tak pon dah tak bLeyh nak pi karok same2 kee...(T.T)"

3 peopLes not to get invoLve to be and when u are famous !

  1. backstabbers *it's a big no no* orang yang tikan beLakang nie memang sangat perLu dijauhi sebab boLeh rosakkan nama baik kitee =)
  2. kaki ampu *yeah !, totaLLy* orang2 yang mengampu ini Lebih cenderung untuk menjadi seperti LaLang...depan kata Lain, beLakang kata Lagi Lain...hurmmm...
  3. pLayboys or pLaygirLs *weeehoooo* huraian ?? think that yourseLf..

hurmm...i guess this shouLd be enough for now...aku tak famous pon tapi, i Learn through my experience..beLieve me, nak dikenaLi and jadi famous memang susah...tapi nak dapat nama buruk memang sangat mudah !! do thousands of good deeds and u'LL be known by peopLes, when u did ONE simpLe mistakes...u are out of the League !! so, be prepared to those who wants to be famous !! (^___^)


Irna said...

"do thousands of good deeds and u'LL be known by peopLes, when u did ONE simpLe mistakes...u are out of the League !!"

i like this one!! fuyohhhh ;D

tyyzar said...

femes plg best, femes yg x dsedari..hihi

Me3raD mYraD said...

irna : absoLuteLy...quotes by me~ hahaha
abg tyy : femes tak disedari ??daLam maknanyee tuh~