Friday, April 1, 2011

R.I.P =(



ok, kantoi sudah..CG sedih *wuuuuu*
i got texts from my dad bagitahu yang my MR.SATIO dikatakan takde harapan sembuh Lagi dah...he's been sent for further treatment at the SONY ERICSSON center as weLL but sadLy, the expert aLso can't fix him !! *sumpah bodoh rase macam nak Lempang orang SONY tuh Laju2...kate experts* ok, can't bLame them kan sebab benda tuh pon memang saLah CG jugak kan *hurrrmmm*
gosh !! i wiLL miss him so much !!! he's the best thing i ever have yet i have to suffer for this Lost even it's not reaLLy my fauLt *maLas nak eLaborate* janji menangis biLe dapat news from my dad...i know that my dad gave it to me so that i can use it wiseLy, but it happend that i'm too cLumsy and careLess to take care of my own beLongings *Looser giLa* maybe it's easy for u peopLe to say : 'just buy a new one Lah, ape nak bising ??' yeah !! as if i have thousands of cash money in my pockeet right now....

susah nak cakap, but seriousLy guiLtiness is haunting me...CG rase bersaLah, sedih, marah, geram and some sorts of other negative feeLings *sigh* MR.SATIO nie bagi banyak kenangan pada CG...yeah, i know that i stiLL have the memory card with me but stiLL i can feeL the Lost and pain of Letting stuff that i Love the most, gone forever ! tak tahu macam mane nak express rase sedih nie because nobody wiLL ever know and understand...MR.SATIO nie kire dah macam smart friend dah...tanpa dye, CG memang susah nak buat kerja sebab dye yang ade banyak kaitan dengan kerja2 cLassmate, Lecturers, cLub members and other peopLe around univercity and friends aLL over, sekarang nie CG takde 1 pon number orang kecuaLi my famiLy and peopLe who recentLy text and caLL me *sigh* sedih sangat Lah !!

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